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Irvine Young Concert Artists


10th Anniversary

Irvine Young Concert Artists

  • Stan Lee,The True Believer3:12
  • Comics Is A Crime1:45
  • Help A Child2:45


  • The Christmas Song (arr. Jonathan Ong/Inch Chua/Jason Chen)3:48
  • Santa Baby (Clara C)3:35
  • The Christmas Song (Jason Chen)3:19
  • Have Yourself A Merry Little Xmas (Heart Hays)2:37
  • Have Yourself Merry Xmas (Abraham Lim)2:37
  • It's Beginning To Look Like Xmas (Haviland Stillwell)3:03
  • Let It Snow! (Deborah Craig)2:01

  • AIRMAN We Did It 1109183:49
  • HCBS Train Station AMSTERDAM 1309113:15

  • BAILOUT M4 (LA Session)4:45
  • BAILOUT M7 (LA Session)3:27
  • BAILOUT M8 (LA Session)1:46
  • BAILOUT M12 (LA Session)1:37
  • BAILOUT M13 (LA Session)0:41
  • BAILOUT M14 (LA Session)0:47
  • BAILOUT M20 (LA Session)3:51
  • BAILOUT M26 (LA Session)2:24
  • FATE ACCOMPLI - M0 (The Windy City)1:10
  • FATE ACCOMPLI - M1 (Checking In)1:43
  • FATE ACCOMPLI - M3 (The Girl)3:20
  • FATE ACCOMPLI - M9 (Ange de la Mort)0:42
  • FATE ACCOMPLI - M10 (Mission Accompli)1:57
  • The Shadow Suite3:57

  • Game Plan 4m64r1:07
  • Game Plan 6m891:31
  • Maktub 3M34 Dinner with Carlos0:34
  • Maktub 5M45-46 Rush to Hospital1:37
  • Maktub 6M53 Kiss0:57
  • Moonsong (Disney/Chinese)4:23

IYCA Film Music & Pop Recordings

  • Christmas Time Is Here (arr. Devin Norris)3:02
  • White Christmas (arr. Devin Norris)3:33
  • I'll Be Home For Xmas (arr. Devin Norris)3:08

  • This I Promise You2:48
  • A Shimmer In The Night1:24
  • Entering a Fairytale0:52
  • Agents Of Secret Stuff4:45
  • Bug Juice2:16
  • Call of the Heroes2:10
  • Land of Lost and Found0:57
  • March Into Battle1:26
  • Rouge In Love4:21
  • Runners Journey3:40
  • These Four Walls3:52
  • Underneath Your Love5:38
  • Searching Paris For Love4:22
  • Pink and Blue0:50
  • Playtime for Boys and Girls0:28
  • Time to Take Action1:06