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Irvine Young Concert Artists


10th Anniversary

Irvine Young Concert Artists


Diamond Jamboree


IYJA                              1:30-3pm

IYCA Wind Ensemble   3-4:30pm

IYCA                             4:30-6:30pm


An exciting IYCA season awaits you!

Join me as we celebrate our 10th Anniversary season and dive deeper into the world of film music at Capitol Records. Each month, this legendary studio will be our home where we create our music!

I love film music. Cinema excites me and it is here IYCA offers the rare opportunity for students to record film music with the composers at the podium. 

Listen to IYCA recording film scores. Watch us at work. If you're impressed, I want you to join our program. I cannot wait to make a recording together with you! Film music is where IYCA shines and where I want us to begin our musical friendship. 

For returning members, get ready a lot of recordings this season! Lots of amazing film music and pop singers are lined up for you!  

I think you'll love these improvements!

New rehearsal location/ time/day

New rehearsal & recording session schedule 
New recording projects featuring new film composers
New composer in residence from Stanford University
New website 

New mobile phone app
New videos featuring IYCA in the recording studios
New audio recordings featuring IYCA 
New artistic visions as performing, recording, and touring artists
New Internship Program

New Community Service Hours offered
New Vocal Recording Program
New Vatican Tour in 2017

IYCA's 2016-17 season is divided into two semesters. You can join one semester or both. There are three recordings every semester and two rehearsals before each recording project at Capitol Records. All videos will be posted on our new website and CDs available for purchase. 

For those who join both semesters, you will receive a special certificate from all the composers you worked under. For those who join the Stanford Tour and the Stanford recording project, you will receive a special certificate from Prof J Berger.  

To audition, there are three ensembles you can join

IYJA                               Ages 7-13           Sunday rehearsals 1:30-3pm

IYCA Wind Ensemble    Ages 10-18         Sunday rehearsals 3-4:30pm

IYCA                              Ages 13-18         Sunday rehearsals 4:30-6:30pm

All musicians from all three ensembles will record at Capitol Records, sitting side-by-side with your private teachers, professional musicians, and guest artists from UCLA and USC. A bus will be provided to/from Irvine/Hollywood for each recording session. 

Audition music this season features film music by composer George Shaw. It is posted on our website ready to download (above). 

So what is the 2016-17 all about? To dream big & to create. To me, this is art.

During the school year, you will be busy learning film music and recording at Capitol Records. During the summer, you will be performing at the Vatican led by Stanford Professor Jonathan Berger. A fitting end to our 10th anniversary! 

If you like to be unique and memorable, join IYJA, IYCA Wind Ensemble, or IYCA! I'll let our videos speak for themselves! Have a listen! 

With excitement and affection, 

Albert Wu 

​Executive Director 


Sept 24 & 25, 2016


Diamond Jamboree